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When you’re in charge of a business, you want everything to run at peak efficiency. You might think you’re doing everything you can to keep things running smoothly. Have you thought about your windows? They do a more than just let the sun in. You might be surprised to find out how many options there are in commercial window tinting. Do you live in Lansing, Michigan? Design Rides is the best option for your Lansing Michigan window tinting needs.

What Good is Window Tinting?

Window tinting can cover multiple needs. You might need something that will protect your business and your windows from graffiti. Do you need to keep the sun, heat, and UV rays from making your employees or your customers uncomfortable? Or perhaps you have privacy concerns and need a solution that protects your business without being cumbersome, like shades or curtains? Commercial tinting can also be cosmetically attractive, and it gives your business a professional look as well. No matter the of your building or your business, tinting can help you cut heating and cooling costs and protect your people.

What Is Commercial Window Tinting?

Commercial window tinting refers to a service that tints the windows of commercial buildings, like offices, restaurants, and other work environments. Tints can achieve multiple objectives. There are different types of window films that commercial buildings can employ. A frosted film will add privacy to your glass-walled office or conference room. The frosted film adds more privacy than regular tint because you can’t see into the room even when the lights are on.

Public buildings like banks or shopping malls can benefit from using an anti-graffiti film. These tints are easy to remove and replace, so that if the window gets defaced the anti-graffiti film can be switched out for a fresh film, with minimal damage to the actual glass of the window. Safety films are like anti-graffiti films but they are applied in places where breakage is a concern, like front doors or display windows.
Safety film is mainly used to help hold the of glass together if the window is broken so that there are no accidental cuts or other safety hazards. Commercial window tinting can also help keep heat out, protect workers from UV rays, and generally add to the safety and quality of your building.

Do I Need Commercial Window Tint?

You might benefit from window tinting if you’re looking to make your building more efficient. It doesn’t matter whether you have a office building or a smaller business. Commercial window tinting can be good for your business at any . Using a professional service to tint your commercial windows has many benefits.

Lansing Michigan Window Tinting Benefits

Tinting your windows can reduce the heat from the sun that comes through your windows, and protect your workers and your customers against UV rays and glare. Reducing your building’s heat saves money on air conditioning, lowering your monthly operating costs.
If you have sensitive equipment or materials that fade with sun exposure, a tint will keep the sun out and your equipment safe. Window tinting also provides privacy, security, and it can help shape your offices or work cubicles with a professional appearance.
Windows also tend to be a vulnerable area for your business, whether they are damaged with graffiti or vandalism. Safety window films can hold broken glass together. In cases of breakage, this means less risk of loose glass or injuries. There are multiple advantages to window tints, and a wide range of places to apply them. Help keep your business looking professional with a quote from our Design Rides team of Lansing Michigan window tinting experts.

The Best Choice for Lansing Michigan Window Tinting

Our Lansing Michigan window tinting experts can help you decide which tint is best for your space. Whether you’re looking for safety, comfort, or privacy, we can take you through your options.

Your business deserves protection. You want to make sure you get the best with a professional installation and excellent customer service. Call us today for all your Lansing Michigan window tinting needs.

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Design Rides services the Greater Lansing and surrounding areas, specializing in Professional Grade Solar/Sun Control Window Tinting Films that offer the ultimate in Energy efficiency for your Commercial, Residential, and Automotive Windows.

  • Professionally installed Window Film greatly improves the cosmetic appearance of your vehicle, home or business

  • Window Film reduces heat, glare and harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun’s rays.

  • Window Film protects the interior of your vehicle, home or business and its contents from those same harmful rays while strengthening the glass.

  • The Window Film we install is Made in the U.S.A. with proven technologies and the highest quality materials.

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