To begin with, we want to say thank you for taking time to read our article. My name is John Williams, with Design Rides LLC in beautiful Grand Ledge, MI. Just a hop, skip, and jump from the Lansing area. I would like like to give you a little information about us, and our back ground in how we came to the Grand Ledge area.
Do you remember growing up, where you went down to the local shopping mart, gas station, etc. Back when you walked in the front door, and they knew your name. When it was about the service you received, and not always about the money; how they treated you like family.
This is the time when I grew up. I grew up going to the local shop with my Grandfather and Father, learning from them. Back when you could go to the local parts store, and attempt to try to fix your own vehicle yourself. Most times, you could, and other times you would have to take it to a professional. I learned a lot from my family, and I was always trying to fix things. But I got to the point where I ended up getting a real job. Man those were the days. I wanted to work on my car, but didn’t have any time. I was trying to find a shop that could work on my vehicle, but couldn’t find any. So this is where my career started.
I decided to start my business. I originally opened my business in Ionia, Mi. I was in Ionia for 14yrs and Ionia was very good to me. When I opened, we specialized in everything from vehicle cleaning, window tinting, to vehicle accessories. In 1998, we decided to start installing remote starters. In 1999, we added sunroofs and cruise controls. In 2000, we added stereos. In 2001, we added spray in bed liners. As the years went on, we added something new every year. Till 2005, when we were asked to build a show car for Crossfire Car audio. This is kind of where we got recognized throughout the world! We built a 1998 Mitsubishi Eclipse for them for the Consumers Electronics Show in Las Vegas. One of the biggest electronics show in the world. Just from the show, our vehicle was published in over 75 magazines, and won many Best of Shows, people choice, etc. I don’t write that to brag, but it was nice to be from a little town in Michigan, and to be recognized. Well from there, it went crazy. Until 2008, when our Landlord let us know he had sold the building we were in. Then everything came to a screeching halt; hence Grand Ledge.
In September of 2008, we moved to Grand Ledge, basically starting over. But one of the best moves we ever made. When we opened in October of 2008, we didn’t have any customers, or any dealer accounts. We did have have our philosophy we once started with; treat everyone like they are family. Remember their name, and above all, treat them with the respect they deserve. I still remember our very first client, Joe. He stills stops in to see what we have done.
So in 2008, we did everything; vehicle cleaning, window tinting, remote starts, vehicle accessories, etc. Just the basic, nothing over the top anymore, like show cars. In 2009, we were asked to start cleaning used vehicles for Grand Ledge Ford. Slowly we started working with few local dealers. We believe, that going over the top with our ability and customer service, define who we are. We never want to be anyone else. We want to be who we are, and we strive to be the very best everyday.
From the very beginning, we have set out to be different than your normal shop. We take pride in what we do, from talking with you on the phone, to the first time you step foot in our doors, to the way our employees handle your vehicle, and to the time you pick up your vehicle. We have a process for every aspect, to ensure that your vehicle is 100% done. For example, with our vehicle cleaning, we have a process to ensure that is it cleaned thoroughly. Everything for your dash , console, floors, seats, etc. to the stuff you don’t look at, your vents, under your seat, to your seat belt. Did you know that we pay special attention to your steering wheel, gear shifter, seat belts, and door handles. These are all areas that will accumulate germs, and bacteria. These are areas that if you clean on a normal basis, will help from getting sick or transferring germs. This is the attention we take, to ensure your vehicle is as close to clean as possible. Likewise, we only put in vehicle specific remote starters. They are tailored to your year, make, model. We can even do most BMW, Mercedes, and any foreign/domestic vehicle. We also specialize in Weather techs for most vehicles. How about window tint for your vehicle, it doesn’t have to be dark, to be effective. A light 35% , could block up to 60% of your heat coming into your car. It will even protect you from UV rays. Therefore reducing fading and will help keep you from skin cancer.
In the end, we want to say thank you for taking time to learn a little about us. Were always looking for any referral to your family, friend, or even your local business friend that might need our help. At the end of the day, we take pride in knowing that we might have been a blessing to someone. Maybe you!